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A taste of spice at The Cajun Leprechaun!

On a Thursday night at 7:40 pm to be exact I ventured into a space that I’ve been excited to see opening for quite some time, The Cajun Leprechaun. Formerly in the space of the once Irish Pub, this restaurant takes on a new atmosphere to birth a new community of foodies. Manned by a wonderful staff and one of the Think All Be All Favorites Chef Ashley, the food expectations are to be highly regarded with flavor and presentation in mind! 

Thank you to Leaux, my server who is far more than that once you get to know her! A creative at heart and a budding performer in the city! On her time off you can catch her at the King’s Canvas working on some pieces, or performing at the many venues giving artists and performers opportunities to be themselves! 

A great space for the dining and conversation as many restaurants are, but maybe it’s the charm of the leprechaun that gives it a friendly and inviting vibe. I was immediately taken care of, seated, and had my drink in less than a minute. Very shortly after that I had a menu in hand and an order placed in the same amount of time. Granted I’m quick to make my decisions.  


With a great selection of food, the thing I want to focus on are the Boudin Balls that I ordered . They came 5 in a serving with this sauce that I think was wonderfully paired on a bed of mixed greens, a bit sweet and a bit spicy… just like I like it. Their Boudin Balls themselves have a bit of spice to them as well. A mixture of pork, rice, and a plethora of seasonings met all of my expectations and some! I’m no food critic, so come down and try them yourselves! 

Get to meet the friendly staff and have the experience that I had! Will definitely be back to try many more of the dishes! Thank you for the service Cajun Leprechaun!!!

Located at 78 Dexter Ave. Montgomery, AL 36104

Website and menu:

Phone: 334-416-8262

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