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Finding Myself Through Dance: The Inspiring Journey of SeVyn

SeVyn the Dancer

When dancing to all the rhythms just makes sense.


Making strides in her lane as an accomplished dancer, influencer, and artist even contributing to music and fashion here in Montgomery, Alabama. Kyzetta, who goes by her Creative name SeVyn, shares her beginnings with us inspiring us to have no shame and a genuine love for her crafts. Let's look into the inspiring starts of our guest SeVyn and how dance shines through her journey!

Hello and welcome to the start of your TABA Feature! I am immensely excited to have you on board. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm honored you'd accept my invitation to be featured so let's jump in! How did you become aware of your talents/skills?

I started as a kid watching others and then took time to discover myself and what I like to do. My style, my ways, my creativity.

Well said! We all observe others existing in their ways and pick up on the chance to learn about ourselves. Definitely points of self-awareness and reflection there! Can you share a significant moment that inspired your decision to pursue a creative career? Was it a friend on the playground, a class assignment, or a TV show?

My father always sat me down to draw. I also watched my mother and sister model, sing, and dance.

You come from an experienced creative background. There is a lot to say about what artists/ creators have the most influence on your work. Family being an immediate opportunity to experience creativity in a variety of ways. Who would you say has been an influence for you to dance?

Michael Jackson, my sister, and my dance crew (Different Flavors of Dance).

Seeing you perform I can see where Michael Jackson has been a leader in your style. I'm also glad you mentioned Different Flavors of Dance! You all have been game-changers in the dance space here in Montgomery. Considering style, how would you describe your creative style in three words?

Unpredictable, Unique, Inspiring.

Unpredictable, unique, and inspiring are words I would use as well. Big jump, can you walk me through your typical creative process from concept to completion?

I would take my life experiences and my surroundings, write it all down or keep it all in my head, then think about the situation and how it played out, how it made me or others feel, and I turn it into something. The things I see, touch, feel, etc. I try to turn into an expression of art in any way I can!

As a creative I know that life experiences can sometimes outweigh the motivation to create. We spend a lot of time talking about "showing up" in the arts and entertainment industry, and that can lead to some obstacles for us. How do you overcome the creative blocks or challenges?

Meditation and breaks. It's okay to allow yourself a break.

Meditation is a common theme among creatives and a break is something I think we all could use right now! Do you have any routines that enhance your creativity?

Meditation, spending a little time with friends and family, studying my crafts/skills, and practicing half an hour to an hour for each skill.

That routine has allowed you to create some pretty dope things and leads me to my last few questions. Which project are you most proud of, and why?

I’m proud of every project I do, especially previously dealing with imposter syndrome growing up due to others discrediting and other things. I’m proud of every project I put out because of the dedication, love, and effort I put into something.

TABA is proud of you too! I have had the opportunity to know you for a while and even have you perform in some of the shows I've put on over the years, and you never disappoint with the care and energy you put into all you do! Last, but not least, how can we stay updated with all that SeVyn has going?

Yeah, that's easy catch me on Instagram: @NoFxce.jpeg | Tiktok: @HyphyOni | Youtube: NoFxceOni and at tons of performances here in Montgomery!


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