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Lorraine’s Bakeshop the place to be for Your Sweet Treats!

Imagine a place that is filled with all the love you can fathom packed into a single cookie... well that's what you get when you come to Lorraine's! From the Classic Cookies to the Nutella Banana Nut Bread, there is no lack of joy to be found. Upon entering the building you get a tickle from the smells of warm cookies baking in the oven thanks to Baker Bill 👨‍🍳 and Dalaiia 👩🏾‍🍳, and are greeted by the big smile and even bigger personality from Kiara 😁. Of course we can't forget Lorraine the namesake of this wonderful community space!

Going on 5 years here in Montgomery, the starts of this cookie community has a longer history. Originally starting in New Jersey before Cottage Food Laws existed, Lorraine and Bill's dedication to making decorated sugar cookies was off to a surprising start on their journey. With no true plans to move to Alabama we find them here embarking on this new journey, creating cookies for the community and bringing Montgomery together in some really cool ways!

Stop by Lorraine's, grab a bite, meet someone new, and enjoy this safe space made for community one cookie at a time! 😄🍪🧁

Located at 22 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL. 36104

Phone: (334)-239-9132

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