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Uncovering the Musical Prowess of Mike Dantz: A Story of Passion and Craft in Rap

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Mike Dantz Featured Photo

Witness the journey of a true artist.


In the ever-evolving landscape of rap music, certain artists stand out not just for their lyrical prowess but for their ability to weave an authentic narrative through their work. Mike Dantz, a rising star in the industry, is one such artist whose journey from a young lyricist to a musically inclined performer reflects the true spirit of passion and craft in rap.

As with most stories, we start from the "humble" beginnings. Everyone's start is so different when you truly pull back the layers. So Mike, how did you discover your talents/skills?

I was always around music! Around like 3rd grade I actually started writing all my own lyrics!

Oh, nice! I have a similar story when it comes to my musical beginnings, but that's a story for another day. It's funny to think that at the early ages of our lives, we make such strong connections with music that it tends to just jump out of us. Can you share a significant moment that inspired your decision to pursue a creative career?

It was really when I wrote my first song! I sat down and said I would love to do this for a long time! I always had a thing for performance and being on stage so it’s always been in my mind!

I can only imagine what early performances were like for you, but I have had the chance to see you perform at a few different events, a few of those notably being Think All Be All Live Art Fridays! Of course, an honor to have you there. Here's a question I know I've asked you before but for the readers out there what artists or creators have had the most influence on your work in terms of style and performance?

J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, and all my musical friends!

I can definitely see those influences, especially in your lyrics and I remember a few years back we did an interview where I realized that the lyrics to that song were a masterpiece even when read from the last lyric back to the first lyric! I believe the song was Faded Memories! Now for one of my favorite questions, how would you describe your creative style in three words?

Ever-changing, Honest, and Relevant

Words that speak to what I believe is a part of why all Creatives create! As you're creating could you walk me through your typical creative process from idea to completion?

Wake up live life! I love to write from experiences I go through physically, mentally, and spiritually! Then I’ll have some instrumentals that I find or have on me! Then I’ll write, I don’t try to sit down and force anything so if the song isn’t complete I’ll just sit on it for a minute and let the idea finish itself! Then I’ll record it!

That's a pretty straightforward way to go about it. You already answered the next question with a great ending to the last question. I'll ask this next question anyway to see if you have any more thoughts. How do you overcome creative blocks or challenges?

Just live! Understand that it’s a part of wanting to be great! I also just let the ideas flow and trust myself!

Has just living created any routines that enhance your creativity? Are there any things like meditation, a jog, or a show that help you get in the zone?

Other than just playing a lot of different instrumentals when I’m sitting around no not really.

Nice nice! I can respect that. A good instrumental and influx of inspiration do broaden your scope, develop your ears, help you craft ideas, and so much more! We've come down to the last few minutes of this interview so here's my last question. Which project are you most proud of, and why?

My most recent one, “Back On Track” mainly because it’s my latest work and it has some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written on there! That one was a declaration to myself that I was getting on my grind even harder.

And that brings us to the end of this feature, my guy! Thank you immensely Mike Dantz for being a part of this Think All Be All journey as we do our part to showcase the members of our creative community and build this platform. Of course, we can't go without people having every opportunity to connect with you so let us know how to do so!

Absolutely, you can catch me on Ig @mikedantz13 where I share my latest content. Feel free to look me up and for access to my music, YouTube, and more click my link!


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