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Revolutionary Rhythms: The Martin Luther King Jr. Story Told Through Rap Beats

MLK producing

Life is full of beats, which beat are you on?


Is that his name for real? Yes, yes it is. A question that I am proud to answer because this talented man has been a great friend of mine for nearly 10 years. There are so many things to say about Martin from my personal experiences with him that I could write a book on it. He is a producer, sound engineer, rapper, vocalist, performer, and brother to say the least. Without further delay, join the revolutionary story of his rhythms and rap beats!

Thank you for this opportunity, my brother! We can talk on a ton of subjects for days and not move so I'm going to get right to it. How did you discover your talents/skills?

I discovered my skills when I was young singing in the church choir. I was always around musicians and sound equipment learning. I had a cousin who stayed with me and my family when I was 12 and played keys for a gospel music group. He had his studio at the house and began teaching me about gospel choirs and transitions they would use for their music. From there I would use his computer to make beats using a software called FL Studio.

A church's ministry of music will forever be one of the best breeding grounds for practice and success. So many of us gather the skills we need to become talented artists in a safe space! I know that you could tell a ton of stories about that experience, so my question is could you share a significant moment that inspired your decision to pursue a creative career?

One significant moment that inspired my decision was singing in the high school choir. I was able to use my music production skills to work with the music and theater department there. I worked on several plays, and concerts, and recorded music for my classmates and teachers.

I didn't know you quite yet at that time, but I knew that you had a passion for the work and plenty of experience in what you do. I saw your workflow firsthand and let's just tell the truth, God was cooking. (If you happen not to understand the previous statement, it just means God did a wonderful thing). Okay, let's get into some creative questions. What artists or creators have had the most influence on your work?

It would be the Neo-Soul / 70’s-90’s R&B / Funk as a whole.

That is pronounced very clearly in your work. The time you take to listen to the influences and study them pays off in your final productions and that's a key to producing authentic and original thoughts. How would you describe your creative style in three words?

Melodically soulful atmosphere.

Ohhh wow, I believe I'm following. Mhm. Walk me through your typical creative process from idea to completion.

Most times I would start by just playing the piano and gauge where I’m trying to go with it. Understand the key I’m playing and come up with a melody. From there I figure out counter melodies with other instruments like a flute or trumpet. Also, add some strings to help everyone smoothly combine. Then I figure out a song layout that I would like to use.

As the piano player on some of your beats this is something I've observed and now explains so much lol. How would you say you overcome creative blocks or challenges?

Studying and taking a moment for my mind to calm down and focus on there I’m trying to take the song/beat.

Do you have any routines that enhance your creativity?

Understand the tips and shortcuts in the Software (DAW) I’m using so I move and work more effectively.

That brings me to the big question. The one that gives us some insight into some of your best work or greatest learning experiences. Which project are you most proud of, and why?

The project I'm most proud of is ( It’s Up and It’s Stuck) by my brother (DSO Quin) album that he put out 2 years ago because I produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered the whole album.

Last, but not least, how can we stay updated on what you have next?

You can follow me on Instagram at mlkgocrazy and all my links here!

Thank you so much, and of course, by the time this is published we will be into the New Year so Happy New Year and many blessings and lessons on the path to greatness in 2024! We're looking forward to seeing what comes from the creative community and doing our best to play our part in providing resources and creating opportunities!


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